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Personal Growth Framework 🎓

This is where we keep the Personal Growth Framework (PGF) for Applover team members.

PGF is a tool that guides you through your professional development and lets you understand how to progress in your work. It helps you find your own way at Applover so that you can grow both as a professional and a person. PGF is not a checklist - it is your guide in your career development.

Apart from describing you professional development paths, PGF emphasizes the values that we cherish and follow at Applover. We want all the team members to have easy and constant access to these values.

How does it work?

Take a look at the sidebar/menu - you will find there 8 values that we embrace at Applover and possible paths in your career development. Each path contains exemplary behaviors within each milestone for it. While most of these paths are common and relevant to all Applover's team members, there are few that are optional to be followed (paths like Mentorship or Leadership).

Milestone represents a single goal to be achieved within given period of time and illustrates how exemplary behaviors/skills for particular path of values/career development path changes over time along with your progression.

Below our values you will find groups of core paths which are directly related to professions we employ at Applover (production team paths, marketing team paths, HR team paths etc.). With PGF we want to support both horizontal and vertical development so that you can focus either on becoming a rockstar in your domain or growing into a T-shaped person with a range of various skills.

PGF is a living organism meaning it will evolve over time. Feel free to contribute by submitting a merge request in the repository.

This site has been built on top of Monzo's progression framework.